The first step was to login to https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/bookshelf

Where a page like this should face you, without my book details obviously. My aim was to publish say 50 paperback copies. Click on Create a new title +paperback. Then you are taken through a number of options and fields for you to enter: language, book title, your name, description, keywords, and category. The next step is to upload the files containing the poems. It doesn’t like .kdp files only DOC, DOCX, HTML or RTF. Luckily the project folder keeps a DOCX file. It was at this stage I added back page numbers to that file.

Launch cover creator to select your cover photo from the hard drive and look at the available templates, with different positioning of the photo,title etc. It is also at this point you can add material to the back cover – biography, description and your photo. Amazon automatically adds the bar code. It would have been nice to add the price here as well but I couldn’t work out how. Then click the Launch Previewer button. This takes a good few minutes. The resulting panel told me I had a problem. The book I wanted was 5×8 but my DOCX files had a page size of A4; luckily kdp can resize the file for you but if could change some formatting. It is at the point you can see if things aren’t quite right you can you back and put them right in the DOCX file and reload. You don’t have to redo the cover. When you’re satisfied click the Save and Continue button.

The next stage was getting together rights, pricing and financial information which proved a bit of a pain. The result was I have worldwide rights on a books costing £5, similar to most pamphlets, with printing costs of £1.70 and royalty of £1.30; Amazon I assume gets the other £2, I could be wrong though. I was happy with everything so clicked the Save and Publish button. My bookshelf, see above, showed my book’s cover and said that’s it’s status was now In Review. It will take about 72 hours for my book to be ready for me to order proof copies. I’ll let you know what it looks like in the next post.

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