The Independent Publishing Network took their £30 and emailed me back with an ISBN and barcode that should be placed on the bottom right hand corner of the back cover. To me though one of the great advantages of using IPN was that it meant I didn’t have to think up the name of a press. Ace Press, Aldershot City Press, Applewood Press, Arcadia Publishing, Pond Books, Autumn House Press, Bruyno Press, Beacon Publishing, Bonnier Little Press, Book Publishing Of Farnborough, Bright Skies Press. Little Wood Press. I could have spent weeks wasting my time thinking of names.

The useful things I did on my document yesterday were: get rid of any bold (all headings) and italic (twice) styles. For the heading: change to 14pt and centre. Manually insert page numbers at the bottom of the page and centre. There was also the question of which font to use, Garamond, Didot HTF crossed my mind until I found out KDP didn’t like anything fancy, so I stuck with Arial to circle my poems with. I’m so glad the pamphlet is only 24 pages long.

Acknowledgements. There are a number of variations here. Some people seem to be saying that the poems have not been edited since they appeared in a magazine., So I made sure I said “published these poems or versions of them’. There is almost a case for actually naming the editors as well, but no one does, yet at least. When it comes to the magazines some just list them out while others list the magazines and the poem/s that appeared in them. I chose the latter and ended up with: Acknowledgements: Thanks are due to the editors of the following magazines who published these poems, or versions of them: Envoi (‘Youth’, Self-Portrait With Garbo’, ‘Dossing Outside’,’Lonely Nights’, ’Suicide’ and ‘Watching From The Bridge’), Message in a Bottle (‘Methadone’), The Lake (‘Bewildered’ and ‘Good Enough To Bury’), The Reater (‘The Polisher’), Breakfast All Day (’The Dishwasher’), Krax (‘Seeing Himself’ and ‘Arrest’), Prole (‘Consolations’), Headlock (‘Underground’).

Some authors like to thank all the big names they have had a cup of coffee with so you know how well connected they are. Can’t say it impresses me.

2 thoughts on “ON THE KDP ROAD (2)

  1. Good luck with this, Rodney.

    Re the last thought, I’d like to think it’s more that poets want to acknowledge those other poets and friends who have played a significant part in their ‘poetic journey’ and/or helped with some of the poems in the book, but it’s an interesting thought. Certainly, some acknowledgements in collections seem to extend to several pages these days . . .


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