The first step must be having something to publish in the first place. I toyed with the idea With the idea of amalgamating my poems about the Black Death but then I thought perhaps I should work on something a little smaller start off with. So I thought about a pamphlet about the groups I saw at the West End Centre, poems with titles from the Gale and Polden back catalogue, from the exhibition Mondo Cane I saw the year before last, or some ekphrastic poems. For some reason, none of them seemed quite right but then I remembered I had a series of about 30 poems about Steve who I used to meet after work and who told me about his life if. That was the one I decided on. I looped closely and decided the 6 poems didn’t fit it and at least three needed major rewriting. I did spend a lot of time thinking of just the right title, “Steve Singing the Black Psalms”, just didn’t seem right other titles I came up with like “Hat in a Hatless World” or even the simple “London Road” didn’t seem to cut it up somehow. But then I thought, after a night’s sleep, I should perhaps change the last poem which was about Steve throwing himself in a river to Steve throwing himself in front of a train and that seemed to chime with what the Samaritans were doing. I’m sure you have seen the notice at railway stations asking you to call the Samaritans to talk before you do anything. “When listening isn’t enough” seemed, right and natural. All I did with Steve was give him a cigarette, letting talk and then I caught the train, I mean I didn’t even know if Steve was his name.

All the poems in the proposed book are in LibreOffice Writer in which you can save files as Word which will then be loaded up to Amazon KDP, which does not recognise, or has limited support for, text boxes, bullets, auto numbering, special fonts, headers and footers, certain word Styles and tables. I inserted 3 pages before the poems. First page is the title and the author which apparently should be centred. The next page should contain the following information:
©2021 Rodney Wood
All rights reserved
Email: rodneytwood@gmail.com

9 Monks Close
GU14 7DB
Website: https://rodneywoodpoet.wordpress.com
Please direct all enquiries to the author

There is space here to insert the acknowledgements.
Acknowledgements: Thanks are due to the editors of the following magazines who published these poems, or versions of them: Envoi (‘Youth’, Self-Portrait With Garbo’, ‘Dossing Outside’,’Lonely Nights’, ’Suicide’ and ‘Watching From The Bridge’), Message in a Bottle (‘Methadone’), The Lake(‘Bewildered’ and ‘Good Enough To Bury’), The Reater (‘The Polisher’), Breakfast All Day (’The Dishwasher’), Krax (‘Seeing Himself’ and ‘Arrest’), Prole (‘Consolations’),Headlock (‘Underground’).

The third page is for the contents. I created it in LibreOffice using the automatic insert table of contents then cut and pasted it to a blank part of the page and then deleted the table of contents which leftthe title of the poems and the page numbers which had to be justified. The next section was the poems.

I said I’ll come to the ISBN and publisher. For £30 I joined the Independent Publishing Network which gives me an ISBN number and let me list the publisher as the Independent Publishing Network, instead of making up the publisher.

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